About Consultech

Our history has its roots in the cooling towers business of EWK, the former Sulzer division. By the time we acquired deep technical experience, we integrated in our portfolio solutions that are interconnected or solve in a comprehensive way the specific needs of the industrial process, such as paper industry, oil & gas, beverages, metal processing, cement and others.

The present

Our present is based on turn-key solutions, including services such as design, build, commissioning and technical service in-warranty or after-warranty.

The future

We are constantly working in improving our services and technologies. The future will bring valuable options for our customers, such as in-house repairs, standard production of container packages, AR remote technical services and more.


  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : 2015
  • ISO 18001 : 2015

Our Partners

Our exclusive partners are well established brands in their fields of activity, with a deep know-how of the industries they serve.

EWK has a long tradition in manufacturing high quality water cooling towers for industrial processes.

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Flottweg is a key player in the business of mechanical separation, through its centrifugal decanters and separators.

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Raschig is the key supplier of internals for mass transfer applications.

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The world’s leading provider of water treatment and process improvements.

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Sumitomo or Hansen are well known suppliers for cycloidal gears or industrial transmissions

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Our technical service team is made of young and enthusiastic engineers that can solve complex service jobs. We invests constantly in their specialization, new technologies and service equipments as a proof of our determination.

Our Team

Our business DNA is built around the relentlessness that characterizes each one of our team members.
Consultech would not be what it is today without the people who inspired our entire vision:


General Director


Service Team Lead


Operation Director


Financial Director

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