Animal Fat Processing

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Our partner is one of the leading processors of poultry by-products in Romania, supplying high-quality proteins and fats to both the pet food industry and aquaculture feed manufacturers. The company needed a 3-phase separation in a poultry slaughterhouse by-products processing plant.

The situation:

The company has to achieve high-quality standards for the finished product and the highest yields in the animal fat separation while being also in a continuous investment process for improving environmental protection.

Separation task:

Clarification of animal fat (poultry)

Max. capacity: 4 t/h (depending on feed composition)

pH 4-10 and max sediment density 2.2 g/cm3

Max. product temperature: 100 °C

Our solution:

1 FLOTTWEG TRICANTER® Z4E-4/441 fume-tight, with Simp-Drive® SP 3.11

Cylindrical-conical solid bowl centrifuge for the continuous separation of a three-phase mixture of two liquids with different densities, and one solid having a higher density than both liquids. The heavy liquid phase is discharged under pressure at the cylindrical end of the bowl using an adjustable impeller. The lighter liquid phase is discharged over a ring dam via gravity at the cylindrical end. The adjustable impeller allows the end-user to adjust accurately and precisely the liquid/liquid separation interface inside the machine during operation. The dewatered solids are conveyed to the conical end of the bowl where they are discharged through ports via centrifugal force.

In addition to the fume-tight system, more sealing measures were taken. Both shaft ends of the rotor and feed pipe are sealed with a shaft ring. Scroll bearings are provided with slide ring seals or shaft seal rings.

Recommended products:

This situation usually requires gas/fluid-tight equipment for preventing odor emissions.

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