Beer Clarification Using The Flottweg Separator AC

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The situation:

Our customer, a well-known craft beer manufacturer, had a challenge with the working life of their filters.

The newly established brewery had to deal with a significant yeast load in the beer during the filtration. Because of the high proportion of yeast, in the process of the kieselguhr filtration, the functioning time of the filters has been reduced. In order to fix this, we installed a beer clarifier skid.

Our solution:

The AC separator removes a large proportion of the yeast, in a continuous process. Another important feature is that the solids discharge can take place automatically by means of a measuring device (in this specific case, a turbidity meter) or, at customer’s choice, based on a time program (set according to the brew operator’s experience) or by the operator, independently from the program (manually by control cabinet).

Recommended products:

For this kind of situations we recommend a solid-liquid separation application, usually represented by a disc stack separator. See more details and products here.

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