Cooling-Heating Upgrade For A Shopping Center

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Our customer, a shopping center in the middle of a residential area, needed a cooling-heating upgrade that takes into consideration its location and achieves noise reduction in the cooling towers to improve the environmental protection.

The situation:

The number of residential buildings increased during the last 10 years all around the area of this shopping center, therefore the noise level generated by the axial cooling towers became an important topic. As our end-customer is an active environmental group and is highly oriented to people’s well-being, they asked for Consultech’s support.

Our solution:

All the plate heat exchangers – cooling tower loop, heating station loop – were replaced in order to increase the overall capacity. In addition, the customer had received several notices regarding the noise level during the night and early morning.

In a one-night job, a small technical service team installed outlet silencers for the axial fan cooling towers and modified the electrical connections, achieving more than 12 dB noise reduction. Another larger technical service team disconnected the existing PHE, removed them, installed the new PHE and successfully commissioned them before the next morning, allowing thus the shopping center to operate without any interference in their daily work schedule.

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