EWK Water cooling tower in a Brewery, Romania

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Serious corrosion and leakage issues of the existing cooling towers were the main challenges our customer was facing. An efficient solution was needed from our side to ensure the brewing process continues providing long term value to the business.

The situation:

This was not just a problem of profitability, but a problem of safety. The galvanized steel casing and the basin of the existing units had leakage and corrosion issues. This is not an unusual event for any company operating in this industry, but, when it happens, it must be treated as a priority. The water loss, environmental hazard, safety hazard (ice formation during winter, wetting of surrounding area) and OPEX of chemicals for water treatment are all an outcome of these problems and are enough to consider making a radical change.

After EWK Water cooling tower

Our solution:

The installation was on a high platform and had narrow available space so our challenge was to select a suitable model, able to achieve the cooling capacity, together with an easy replacement installation.

Therefore, we chose an open circuit cooling tower EWK 900 with anti-legionella Sani Packing internals. Thanks to this single piece construction, the complete casing, including the water basin, is now corrosion and leakage free.

It also comes with significant added value. Not only is the axial fans installed power only 11 kW/hour, less than 30% from the previous installed power, but our customer received a Smart Control cabinet and a preventive maintenance package, both included in the initial EWK unit to offer a more complete and long-term experience.

Before EWK Water cooling tower

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