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Our partner is one of the largest lead and zinc production company in Europe, which ensures exports to almost the entire world.  The company’s requirement was a complete industrial cooling solution, designed for its specific process needs.

The situation:

The most efficient turn-key solutions for cooling towers capable of dissipating the thermal power required based on the design conditions supplied.

Our solution:

To ensure the best performance for the project, we offer four open circuit COOLING TOWERS EWK 680/09, with a water flow of 560,0 m3/h and furthermore the heat transfer capacity of 5860,4 kW.  The structure is composed of a self-supported compact casing, fully made in fiberglass reinforced polyester. The drift eliminator and the fill packing (SANIPACKING®) are made of polypropylene blocks with anti-legionella treatment, which prevents the growth of legionella on its surface.

Each tower has an axial fan installed, statically and dynamically balanced, made in lightweight highly corrosion-proof materials, fully plastic. The motors meet the standard IEC 60034-30:2008 (referring to energy efficiency IE3). The assembly between geared motor and fan is direct, with no belt or pulley, with a total installed power of 30 kW ( 4 x 7,5 kW), corresponding to the overall 5,8 MW of rejected heat.

All four cooling towers have access doors that are made of polypropylene, big enough to facilitate the handling of fills and other maintenance tasks: pressure washing, replacement of nozzles, and others. The walkway and vertical ladder to the cooling tower fan motor is manufactured in FRP according to UNE-EN ISO 14122-4: 2005 / A1: 2011, UNE-EN ISO 14122-4: 2005, UNE-EN ISO 14122 -2: 2002 / A1: 2010, and UNE-EN ISO 14122-2: 2002. These vertical ladders have anti-fall protection, and the walkway or platform has an access door located in the nearest part to the vertical ladder, so once in the gangway, the door can be closed, avoiding any accident.

For this project, Consultech provided specialized field services: assembly, remodeling of inlet/outlet piping including DN 600 collectors, commissioning and cooling testing of the new equipment, and training of the operators.

The works were fulfilled without any interruptions, the whole process went flawlessly during the summer shutdown.

At the end of the implementation, the team also performed the jacket test, a test that undoubtedly shows the proper functioning of the cooling towers: if the jacket stays stuck and does not fall off the tower, then the rotation of the fan is correct and the suction power is good.

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