Open circuit cooling tower for a cement production plant

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Our partner, a cement plant, installed one EWK water cooling tower for water with a high content of suspended solids.

The situation:

The client showcased water with suspended solids content. Suspended solids mean that solid particles remain in suspension in water as a colloid or due to the motion of the water. This kind of issue can cause significant problems and damages to his production.

Our solution:

We have started with a field analysis and measurements that have revealed that the plant was located near an important dust source. Due to this fact, our sales engineers decided to select a 2,5 MW cooling tower equipped with Sulzer Splashpipe, a special fill that allows the normal functioning of the cooling tower without any risk of clogging.

The accepted inlet water values for this special fill are:

  • Water temperature up to 80 C
  • Hardness (Ca CO3) below 1000 mg/l
  • Conductivity below 3000 μS/cm
  • Suspended solids below 200 mg/l
  • Dissolved solids below 2100 mg/l

Recommended products:

This situtation usually requires a gas or fluid cooling application.

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