Water cooling tower for compressors cooling

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Our client, a glass production factory, needed a safe and efficient cooling process for their air compressors.

The situation:

During the production process, air compressors cooling is very important for the safety of the process and the quality of the product. With this aspects in mind, we knew we had to assure efficient cooling and maintain a long lifetime for the compressors.

Our solution:

For this project we had to select three open circuit cooling towers, each of them with a cooling capacity of 3 MW, in order to provide the cool water for the plate heat exchangers of the air compressors. The key features of this project are:

  • Low electrical consumption, each unit has an axial fan driven by a 22 kW geared-motor, IP 65, IE3, VFD driven
  • Anti-legionella cooling tower internals (fill packing and drift eliminator)
  • Fast assembly time on-site (two days for three cooling towers)
  • Corrosion free casing, immune to the water treatment chemicals for the water loop (biocide and anticorrosive)

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This situation usually requires gas or fluid cooling application.

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