Reverse osmosis

We provide complete RO Solutions includes pre-treatment modules, which may include activated carbon, cartridge, multi-media, greens and filters, and/or activated carbon pre-filtration, softeners, and/or chemical feed systems.
Our Service RO offering leverages Nalco Water’s 3D TRASAR capabilities to remotely monitor operation and performance, ensuring a reliable supply of water and minimizing unscheduled downtime.


Our dealkalization systems for commercial/ industrial applications to reduce make-up water or boiler alkalinity. Dealkalization can minimize the OPEX with the chemical cleanings, change of spare parts, waterside scale formation, boiler carryover, boiler blowdown and can increase return condensate PH.

Chemical treatment

Designed to safely optimize cooling towers performance while conserving water and minimizing waste.
Safety is a priority both with our cooling water chemical treatment programs and the environment. 3D TRASAR™ technology for cooling water towers can help you reach your sustainability goals by reducing water and energy use and making blowdown safer for discharge.

Cooling towers

Reliability, performance, corrosion resistance and environmental friendliness are the main values present in all our designs. Another key feature of EWK cooling towers is the FRP casing, its ease of maintenance, fulfilling also the health regulations concerning Legionella.

The “Smart Cooling Towers” extend the lifespan of the equipment by monitoring its performance in real time. Several sensors monitor performance and send warnings of abnormal performance. The Smart Cooling Tower includes various features such as: water level probes, anti-freezing heaters, vibration switches and emergency stops. Thanks to the environmental temperature and humidity probes, we have remote access to the cooling tower operational data, and we provide key predictive maintenance information.

EWK cooling towers, evaporative condensers and adiabatic closed-circuit coolers are suitable for applications in light-medium-heavy industries (energy, oil and gas, biofuels and biomaterials, chemical, minerals and metals, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, paper) and HVAC (shopping centers, hospitals, office buildings).

Evaporative Condensers

Obtain the highest cooling efficiency with the EWK evaporative condensers. The products are designed to optimized water and energy consumption.

Evaporative condensers are renowned for their excellent coil performances and by their long-lasting polyester corrosion-proof casing. The efficient aerodynamic design allows a vast quantity of airflow and a low energy consumption.

These condensers can be easily installed, removed or relocated in any environment and in any water hardness condition.

Heat exchangers

Our heat exchangers meet the requirements with the best quality – for all industrial applications. Experience the benefit of an individually customized solution that perfectly matches your process requirements and lowers your energy consumption.

We offer compact models, light in weight, suitable for higher pressure and temperatures. The structural properties make them durable, easy to maintain through chemical cleanings or other service operations.


Are ideal for achieving the lowest temperatures that our customers’ specific process require. With a focus on industrial applications, we offer a wide range of machines, suitable to achieve optimal process refrigeration.

From chillers to rooftops, we provide our customers high quality standards, best ESEER values and a low energy consumption. We carefully select the most adequate equipment and model that fits the specific needs of each project

Pumps for water and wastewater

Discover water and wastewater pumps suitable for light industrial effluents or for handling heavy-duty wastewater jobs from cities or different types of industries. The products were created to offer a flow rate ranging between 68-3500 m3/h and non-clogging advantages.

Specialized services

Our custom made industrial solutions are adapted to the specific needs of each project.

We start from the standard equipment manufactured by the brands we exclusively represent and we create synergies, generating plug&play skid or container units, or integrated packages, such as pumping – filtration – water treatment – cooling – automation. 

We currently focus on turn-key solutions, including services such as design, build, commissioning and technical service in-warranty or after-warranty.

The future will bring valuable options for our customers, such as in-house repairs, standard production of container packages, AR remote technical services and more.

Inspection &

We are a team of engineers with over 20 year’s experience within the industry. We provide a range of services including the inspection, diagnosis, technical analysis and design of solutions for all types of cooling waters, heat exchangers, water treatment, automation, air filters and centrifugal decanters, as well as parts and maintenance services.

Remote &
Field Monitoring

We offer an optimized service plan for your specific equipment based on actual data from sensors, monitoring critical components or process parameters. Algorithms developed by our leading experts analyze specific temperature, pressure, vibration, Ph, conductivity, TSS and other relevant patterns in order to provide relevant reports with key recommendations. It ensures that your equipment is performing as it should and enables you to plan your maintenance.
When choosing the remote service, you receive frequent reports based on extensive and continuous data analysis, and alarm reports ensure that you are notified instantly when components fail or other issues with your equipment arise.

Frame Service

With a predicted frequency, a range of reconditioning services are offered to enhance the performance of your equipment, extend its lifetime and ensure a safe and efficient operation.
Our experts propose reconditioning solutions/ revisions that match your requirements for turnaround time, budget and application.


Keeping equipment clean is vital to operational process efficiency.
We offer a range of chemical cleaning services and cleaning agents, specially designed and formulated to remove deposit build-up effectively from heat transfer, separation, freshwater generator equipment and other.
We only use carefully developed and environmentally sound chemicals. To ensure the safe removal of unwanted contaminants from the equipment surfaces, we recommend specially developed non-toxic cleaning agents with low environmental impact.


We have expanded our expertise and experience, in revamp projects. Revamping is an operation to overhaul and refurbish industrial machinery, with the purpose of increasing production without replacing your equipment.
Whatever your problems, concerns or issues, our trained staff can help to determine the root cause of your issues and offer redesign and replacement options to match your budget and performance needs through components replacement (new casing, new basin), thermal Performance Enhancement (new fills, new distribution system), structure upgrade, mechanical refurbishment (new fan, new gearmotor), HSE compliance (access maintenance doors, access ladders, handrails).

Spare Parts

Whether your equipment is small or large, made in steel, concrete, fiber glass or plastic our team of specialized engineers can provide any parts.
Our high-quality, durable parts put productivity first and extend your equipment’s lifecycle, lowering your ownership costs.
Over 1000 original parts are stored in our main warehouse in Bucharest for lightning-fast spare parts deliveries. The result: delivery usually takes place the day after the order is placed, within 24 to 48 hours. We talk about motors, heaters, floating valves, fills, drift eliminators, inlet louvers, nozzles, gaskets, chemicals, belts, temperature transmitters and others.


We supply a broad range of industrial consumable items which complement our range of products/ equipment. Process accessories and consumables such as: gear oil, biocide, antiscalants, degreasers, cleaning agents, you can find them with us at a competitive price, ensuring a fast delivery. Thus, the production process will not be interrupted, and its operation will be optimal.

Rental of

We rent a variety of equipment, customized for the specific needs of each type of industry, In Consultech’s rental fleet are included: self-cleaning water filter skid for 150 m3/h, ATEX chemical cleaning skid, open circuit water cooling towers up to 1 MW, centrifugal decanter for sludge dewatering for up to 30 m3/h, sludge pump including macerator up to 30 m3/h, liquid and powder polymer automatic systems for 1 m3/h and 8 m3/h, plate heat exchangers up to 1 MW.


Other services

Basic Design


Instalation / Supervision

Optimisation Process



Rental of Systems

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Custom made container skids

Based on our solid experience, Consultech designs and builds dosing skids, water pre-treatment and cooling water treatment containers. Container-based solutions are a practical alternative to fixed installations. Our skid containers are a true ”plug and play” option as they can be connected instantly and then start treating the water. They are built in our own workshop in Romania, at the same time that the main equipment – cooling tower or heat exchanger is manufactured abroad. Thus, we provide the tie-in points beforehand, we achieve short time and lower cost field installation and minimize the risks of mismatch.

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