Centrifugal decanters

When solid/liquid mixtures with a high portion of solids need to be separated, decanter centrifuges are the solution of choice. These solid shell scroll centrifuges or decanters operate continuously, without human intervention . High centrifugal forces separate the finely distributed solid particles from the suspension.

The centrifuges are adapted optimally to the specific application. Applications range from sludge dewatering to classification or wet classification to the sorting of solids. The Tricanter® from Flottweg allows the continuous separation of three phases (solid-liquid-liquid) in a single process. This is attractive, for example, in the treatment of oily sludges, in starch production and in fat recovery.

Disc stack separators

With a more powerful centrifugal acceleration, separators are ideal for separting ultrafine particles from a liquid or liquid mixtures with different densities.

Separators are used in numerous process engineering for mechanical separation and clarifying mixtures comprising bolth solids and liquids. Unlike a decanter, a separator is liquid-oriented and works with a higher rotation speed.

The disc stack is used in separating the product stem in more partial streams, consisting of a large number of vertically arranged, conical individual disks.

Flottweg Separators are used in extremely varied applications:

  • Beverage and brewing industry
  • Starch industry
  • Chemicals and biotechnology
  • Extracting and processing fats and oils

Belt filter press

High-performance and low maintenance. The belt press is used for dewatering pulp, mash or spent grains silage Anyone who wants to dewater pomace, mash or spent grains silage uses belt presses. They press the last residue out of the solids cake and are easy to maintain, clean and operate thanks to their easily accessible construction. Flottweg belt presses are robust, durable and powerful – quality made in Germany.

Media and screen water filter

From media filters to self-cleaning screen filters, our products are designed to treat all types of water. The innovative backwashing technology differentiates them as the most efficient on the market.

Regardless the application – cooling systems, process water, reverse osmosis prefiltration, drinking water or prefiltration systems for offshore platforms, if you are looking for a filtration solution, you will find the best solution suitable to your process requirements.

Industrial air filtration and dedusting systems

We deal with the design, construction and installation of industrial filters and consumables dedicated to dry fumes and dusts, oil mists and volatile organic compounds.

Our consumables such as filter bags, cartridges, candles, belts, are made of fabrics specially designed for the chemical and mining sector, pulp, fiber, board and paper industry, as well as for energy production, waste processing plants and food & beverage manufacturing.

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