Reverse osmosis

We provide complete RO Solutions includes pre-treatment modules, which may include activated carbon, cartridge, multi-media, greens and filters, and/or activated carbon pre-filtration, softeners, and/or chemical feed systems.
Our Service RO offering leverages Nalco Water’s 3D TRASAR capabilities to remotely monitor operation and performance, ensuring a reliable supply of water and minimizing unscheduled downtime.


Our dealkalization systems for commercial/ industrial applications to reduce make-up water or boiler alkalinity. Dealkalization can minimize the OPEX with the chemical cleanings, change of spare parts, waterside scale formation, boiler carryover, boiler blowdown and can increase return condensate PH.

Chemical treatment

Designed to safely optimize cooling towers performance while conserving water and minimizing waste.
Safety is a priority both with our cooling water chemical treatment programs and the environment. 3D TRASAR™ technology for cooling water towers can help you reach your sustainability goals by reducing water and energy use and making blowdown safer for discharge.

Custom made container skids

Based on our solid experience, Consultech designs and builds dosing skids, water pre-treatment and cooling water treatment containers. Container-based solutions are a practical alternative to fixed installations. Our skid containers are a true ”plug and play” option as they can be connected instantly and then start treating the water. They are built in our own workshop in Romania, at the same time that the main equipment – cooling tower or heat exchanger is manufactured abroad. Thus, we provide the tie-in points beforehand, we achieve short time and lower cost field installation and minimize the risks of mismatch.

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