We provide a wide range of water filters that cover all needs, flow rates and filtration degrees required by all types of applications.

From hydraulic and electric filters to slef-cleaning screen filters, these products are designed to treat all types of water. The innovative backwashing technology diferentiates them as the most efficient on the market.

Water filters are especially recommended for municipal applications and range from low flow rate filtration systems to high flow rate filtration ones helping prevent the proliferation of invasive species.

Our partner

STF-Filtros is a company committed to meet the demands of different sectors that require technical solutions for fluids treatment. The wide range of self cleaning and manual filters covers all needs, flow rates and filtration degrees for any application.

  • 5-40.000 m3/h
  • High performance
  • Minimum water consumption


Discover our water filters that cover all needs, flow rated and filtration degrees required by different applications.

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EWK Water cooling tower in a Brewery, Romania



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