We offer a complete product portfolio relevant for all types of mass transfer towers. Our products are used in distillation, rectification, stripping and absorption towers and can be applied to particle or droplet separation systems. Our products are also used in direct heat exchanger columns as well as in liquid-liquid extraction towers (distributors, trays, structured and random packing).


An optimum distribution is an important part for good operation efficiency. Discover our solutions and improve your processes.

The high quality liquid distributor DT-MF is a trough type distributor with each trough consisting of multi-flow liquid discharge tubes and lateral holes in the wall of each tube. They are relatively unaffected by fluctuations in the quantity of liquid and are suitable for systems prone to contamination. Owing to the design of the liquid distribution channels this distributor can also be used in large gas or vapour loads.


Discover the RASCHIG JAEGER high-capacity trays that allow you to further increase the capacity of your columns.

Trays and internals have to be optimized for proper function under the new hydraulic conditions. The Nye-Technology increases tray capacity with up to 10% or even 30%. At the same time, the improved donwcomer outlet shape reduced tray pressure drop and enhances the liquid-vapor contact.

The solution is ideal for revamps as the trays can be applied without welding at the column shell.

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RASCHIG JAEGER can offer a large variety of different tray types and technologies that are applied, depending on their specific advantages, for different processes and operating conditions.

Structured and random packing

Discover the new innovative advantages for mass transfer efficiency, low pressure drops and high capacities.

RASCHIG-PAK is the standard structured packing sheet type. For more experienced efficiencies, pressure drop and capcities, RASHCIG SUPER-PAK is the latest structure with innovative advantages.

Our partner

Initially focussed on tar distillation, Raschig also developed methods of producing highly purified tar components such as anthracene, carbolic acid and benzene. Today, he is best-known to every student of chemistry and engineering for his breakthrough in distillation technology, the revolutionary “Raschig Ring”.

  • Distributors
  • Liquid velocities < 10 m³/m²h
  • Capacity actors above 2.5 Pa0.5
  • Range of the distributor 2:1 up to 5:1.
  • Trays
  • Increased capacity of 10-30%
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Enhanced liquid-vapor contact
  • Structured and random packing
  • Mass transfer efficiency
  • Lowest pressure drop
  • Structured packings


Liquid, gas vapour distributors and liquid collectors for a better performance. Trays and fractionation trays favorable for a large variety of applications. From standard structured packing to new innovative advantages and structures, we have the ideal solution for your needs.

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