Discover the RASCHIG JAEGER high-capacity trays that allow you to further increase the capacity of your columns.

Trays and internals have to be optimized for proper function under the new hydraulic conditions. The Nye-Technology increases tray capacity with up to 10% or even 30%. At the same time, the improved donwcomer outlet shape reduced tray pressure drop and enhances the liquid-vapor contact.

The solution is ideal for revamps as the trays can be applied without welding at the column shell.

Our partner

RASCHIG JAEGER can offer a large variety of different tray types and technologies that are applied, depending on their specific advantages, for different processes and operating conditions.

  • Increased capacity of 10-30%
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Enhancedliquid-vapor contact


Trays and fractionation trays favorable for a large variety of applications.

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Open circuit cooling tower for a cement production plant



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