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Water Treatment Container Systems or Skids

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Turnkey solutions for water treatment, tailored to your project’s scale and scope

We started the operations with small-scale water treatment skids and pumping skids as test units or peripheral add-ons to our cooling systems. This turned into the expertise and confidence to scale up and prefabricate complete plug-and-play containers in our own workshops.

We now create turnkey systems for water treatment in industrial and municipal projects, customized to the size of each project. These projects include pretreatment filtration for suspended solids, softening for hardness removal, iron and manganese removal, disinfection, reverse osmosis, electrochlorination, chemical dosing systems, and UV treatment.

Products & Services

We provide custom made industrial solutions and we build strong partnerships with top brands of the industry to keep our services your best choice.

Fields of applications

We specialize in tailor-made industrial solutions. Your installations will be compliant to the standards of the industry, and will meet and exceed design criteria.

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Cooling Systems

Energy optimized cooling system with heat recovery.

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