Consultech, present as a Professional Partner at the Romanian Agriculture Leadership Forum

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Present in over 100 countries around the world, Flottweg, through Consultech Industrial Supplies, will participate in the Romanian Agriculture 2022 series of events on May, 18 & 19, at JW Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest, introducing innovative technological solutions dedicated to agriculture and processing industries of raw materials of plant and animal origin.

Cristian Papaianopol, our General Manager, the official representative in Romania and Republic of Moldova of the Flottweg Group, specialized in separation technology, one of the largest groups in the industry internationally, spoke about the innovative solutions dedicated to agriculture and processing industries of raw materials of plant and animal origin, and their applications:

1. Processing liquid and solid manure in livestock farms, through the process of centrifugal dewatering with a decanter that separates liquid manure into solids and liquids, processing the resulting water, the purpose being to fix as much phosphate and nitrogen in solids. This technology provides farms with natural fertilizers, on the one hand, and water for irrigation, on the other.

2. Separation technology in the production of juices, which helps to preserve the precious natural substances in fruits and vegetables. Flottweg offers various systems for the efficient production of high-quality fruit and vegetable juices.

3. The role of Flottweg centrifuges in slaughter – Three-phase decanters and Flottweg disc centrifuges are used for the processing of derived products for human consumption, as well as in the traditional processing of animal carcasses, with all its different methods and treatments. Thus, Flottweg centrifuges play an important role in the recycling and reuse of animal products, as well as in the recovery of edible fats. The applications are among the most varied, from fat cleansing or blood processing, to obtaining protein flour.

4. Flottweg technologies are used in several industrial processes that process raw materials of vegetable origin – Obtaining starch from potatoes, wheat, peas; obtaining sugar; industrial biotechnology (extractions of enzymes, proteins, vitamins); dairy products (obtaining lactose or casein); soy milk; potato processing, in all its phases; wastewater treatment and sludge thickening / dewatering in the treatment plants of the processing units.

Discover more information about Flottweg technology and its innovative solutions here.

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