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Project Management and Implementation

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On-site assembly of a fully operational system, up to hand-off and training of staff.

Each Consultech project is unique, requiring meticulous control of every technical aspect and specification (budget, planning, implementation, commissioning). Our project team emphasizes health and safety, ensuring the implementation phase is secure for all personnel.

We pride ourselves on successfully completing complex projects in oil and gas, pulp and paper, food and beverage, healthcare, and special applications for law enforcement and military clients.

Our Process

A qualified supervisor acts as a watchdog, monitoring the work and addressing any issues that may arise.

This stage involves overseeing the installation process to ensure it adheres to the project specifications, safety protocols, and quality standards.

Project durations vary: short for less complex tasks, medium (several months), or long-term (up to 2 years) for projects with long manufacturing lead times and complex implementation.

Custom design for the technical proposal;

Supervision of the project implementation throughout all phases;

Sign-off on successfully completed project and verified equipment installation.

Other Services

We provide custom made industrial solutions that align with your industry standards, and offer expert recommendations for equipment that meets and exceeds design criteria.

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