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Air Pollution and Odor Control

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We offer the full arsenal of filter bags, cartridges, candles, and belts, designed for the demands of modern manufacturing.

We deal with the design, construction, and installation of industrial filters and consumables dedicated to dry fumes and dusts, oil mists and volatile organic compounds.

Our team has a great understanding of contaminants. We will make sure to recommend the suitable filter media to capture particles effectively and comply with industry regulations.

Range of Equipment

Complete filtration systems and consumables dedicated to dry fumes and dust, oil mist, and volatile organic compounds.

Industrial air filtration & dedusting system
Mass transfer internals

Fields of applications

We specialize in tailor-made industrial solutions. Your installations will be compliant to the standards of the industry, and will meet and exceed design criteria.


Starch & Plant proteins

Beverage & Dairy

Oil & Gas

Edible Fats & Oils

Water & Wastewater

HVAC & Refrigeration

Metal & Power

Paper & Allied

Cement & Mining

Biotechnology & Pharma

Waste management & Green Energy

Other Solutions

We offer tailored solutions for fluid-solids management, ranging from standalone equipment from top manufacturers, basic engineering and field services, to EPCC integrated systems customized for each project.

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