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Power Transmission

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Our partners deliver technology and digital solutions that are durable, reliable and efficient, with proven performance under duress.

Our partners provide world-class, compact industrial power transmission gear, for versatile applications. Our products were created to easily adapt to each application, from peak loads in rough applications, to precise positioning and zero-backlash.

Our catalog includes the latest innovations in power transmission, including gears and gear motors with various shaft configurations, non-standard gearing and custom ratios in gearboxes and motion control drives for automated systems.

Range of Equipment

Our power transmission equipment excels in applications where you demand precise positioning and zero-backlash, such as robotics, machine tools and automation.

Gears & Gearmotors
Industrial Gearboxes
Motion Control Drives

Fields of applications

We specialize in tailor-made industrial solutions. Your installations will be compliant to the standards of the industry, and will meet and exceed design criteria.


Starch & Plant proteins

Beverage & Dairy

Oil & Gas

Edible Fats & Oils

Water & Wastewater

HVAC & Refrigeration

Metal & Power

Paper & Allied

Cement & Mining

Biotechnology & Pharma

Waste management & Green Energy

Other Solutions

We offer tailored solutions for fluid-solids management, ranging from standalone equipment from top manufacturers, basic engineering and field services, to EPCC integrated systems customized for each project.

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