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Water Treatment

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Our comprehensive range of water treatment technologies can transform any water source into drinking or process water.

High-Quality Drinking Water. We combine advanced filtration technologies like media, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis to create compact, custom systems. This ensures the production of safe, high-quality drinking water in line with sanitary standards.

Optimized Industrial Cooling. Industrial cooling systems suffer from corrosion, scaling, fouling and contamination. We offer a complete range of cooling water treatment solutions, including chemicals, equipment, and automation. These conserve water and energy, and minimize operational costs.

Range of Equipment

We design water treatment plans and provide all the necessary components, including the ongoing delivery of essential consumables. This ensures your water treatment system runs without disruption.

Drinking water treatment
Industrial process water - boiler & cooling water
Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
Water reuse and recycling
Sludge and biogas

Fields of applications

We specialize in tailor-made industrial solutions. Your installations will be compliant to the standards of the industry, and will meet and exceed design criteria.


Starch & Plant proteins

Beverage & Dairy

Oil & Gas

Edible Fats & Oils

Water & Wastewater

HVAC & Refrigeration

Metal & Power

Paper & Allied

Cement & Mining

Biotechnology & Pharma

Waste management & Green Energy

Other Solutions

We offer tailored solutions for fluid-solids management, ranging from standalone equipment from top manufacturers, basic engineering and field services, to EPCC integrated systems customized for each project.

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