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Maintenance, Spare parts and Consumables  

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Routine maintenance as recommended by manufacturers, risk coverage for breakdowns, emergency interventions.

Our comprehensive maintenance plan includes routine service by our technical specialists and risk coverage for breakdowns of your cooling tower, chiller, decanter centrifuge, belt press, reverse osmosis skid, or mobile sludge dewatering system.

Our contract includes routine maintenance based on the schedule from manufacturers and the needs of your process. It also covers emergency repairs for unexpected failures, as well as inspections and audits.

Our Process

Commitment to excellence, backed by leading manufacturers of equipment

Our chemical treatment programs offer a return on investment through unique control and diagnostic capabilities.

We make sure your system is monitored and feed rates are optimized for cost-effective performance.

Fast shipment of original components from our warehouse in Bucharest, and use of genuine consumables during planned maintenance;

factory-trained and certified technicians, licensed by AGFR, ANRE, INSEMEX, BOSIET, and other programs;

professional liability insurance and ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 quality standards.

Other Services

We provide custom made industrial solutions that align with your industry standards, and offer expert recommendations for equipment that meets and exceeds design criteria.

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