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Custom Basic Design and Proposal

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The foundational plan and the roadmap for the integration of your industrial equipment.

Process parameters such as input and output load, temperature, pressure, and flow rates are critical to process quality and efficiency.

Building on the process engineering phase, basic design translates this understanding into a preliminary physical layout. This layout can be in the form of a containerized solution, standalone equipment, or an integrated system tailored to the needs of the project.

Our Process

We understand and optimize the overall process, and how the new equipment will fit into it

At the end of this stage, you will have all the technical specifications and operating requirements for each piece of equipment.

These steps facilitate communication and collaboration with your engineering team and equipment vendors, and sets you on track to an efficient project execution.

Equipment selection & sizing: Choosing the right equipment type and size to meet your process requirements and production capacity;

Equipment layout: Creating a preliminary layout for the new equipment, considering factors like space constraints, accessibility for maintenance, and material flow optimization;

Utility considerations: Identifying the utility needs (electricity, water, compressed air, etc.) for the new equipment and ensuring their compatibility with existing systems.

Other Services

We provide custom made industrial solutions that align with your industry standards, and offer expert recommendations for equipment that meets and exceeds design criteria.

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