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Rental of Systems

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Flexible solutions to cover short-term needs or a chance to try before you buy

Our rental services have been growing rapidly since we started this new activity in 2022. We cater to a wide range of needs, from short-term to long-term interventions. We offer our clients a chance to rent equipment for a specific project or period of time, rather than outright purchasing.

This service can handle temporary surges in production demands, like seasonal production, emergency situations, pilot projects or renting while your primary equipment undergoes repairs.

Our Process

Rental equipment built on our extensive industrial experience

We offer a wide range of equipment, from basic tools to complex machinery.

Our technical operators, supported by a fleet of vans and trailers, ensure fast deployment and smooth operation.

Water filter skids for suspended solids in open cooling circuits;

ATEX skids for chemical cleaning of heat exchangers and other industrial equipment;

open circuit cooling towers up to 3 MW each;

plate heat exchanger skids, and mobile sludge dewatering containers or skids for municipal and industrial sludge;

sludge pump and macerator skids, polymer automatic systems, all integrated with pumps, flexible connections, and power and control cabinets.

Other Services

We provide custom made industrial solutions that align with your industry standards, and offer expert recommendations for equipment that meets and exceeds design criteria.

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